Huckels Lab – Top PCD Franchise in Chandigarh

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We are one of the leading suppliers of Pharma Products, Healthcare Products, Neutraceuticals and Herbal Products on PCD Basis all over the country. We are looking for young and dynamic people to join us as business associates and to be part of this growing company. We continues to maintain a leadership position in the domestic contract manufacturing sphere for pharmaceutical industry and has made significant inroads in its area of operation.

In PCD, the company generally offer smaller areas and starting orders with lower sales targets. The franchisee needn’t have a prior extensive experience or large investment potential either please note this doesn’t imply lack of experience, investment potential, starting order and sales targets. Compared to a Pharma franchise, the PCD franchise is relaxed on these.

All goods are purchased against cash payment from the company or appointed Distributors. As leading contract manufacturer in northern India with state of the art manufacturing facilities in tax free zone, with commitment towards working collaboratively with our customers.

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Third party manufacturing is a great way to cut costs – park pharmaceuticals, baddi

Looking for third party contract manufacturing opportunities feel free to contact us  at .

One of the biggest reasons to turn to third party manufacturers is if you are growing your business. Since it’s a challenge to grow your business, you need another company that can provide you with the support and service you need to get going. As you send your products to another manufacturer to have them produced, you no longer need to concern yourself with the ordering of raw goods, staffing a plant, and find a shipping and warehousing company to handle the distribution of orders.

Third party manufacturing is a great way to cut costs and to reduce the burden on your company. The other nice thing about third-party is the networking possibilities. When you are working with multiple companies to produce your products, you will gain exposure to a new audience and potential customer base in the manufacturing industry. Word of mouth marketing is a great way to let people know about your business and you can use your new contacts in the manufacturing industry to meet new customers and generate more clients.

Whenever you are thinking about expanding or you are dealing with an influx of orders, third-party manufacturing is definitely the way to go. The providers will eliminate the stress you may be feeling and they will make it easier for your company to produce the products it needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Not only can you find third-party companies to produce and ship out products for you, they are also available in the form of third-party resellers. These companies can also reduce the burden you may feel to boost your sales numbers as they will order a set number of products and focus on selling them. Your commission rate will not be as high as they could if you were to sell them on your own but you will still earn a nice consistent contract for your business.


Looking for third party contract manufacturing opportunities feel free to contact us  at .